the Second Time really is EASIER

We are over the moon excited for our TWO new additions to our family.  Garrett & Hunter!!  And to be completely honest the second time is so much easier.

Now I wouldn’t say that carrying TWINS was easier because towards the end I was truly done (tired and everything hurt), but the whole labor thing was a breeze.  To start I walked around 5cm dilated for about a week and never felt a contraction.  Once they finally did admit me to the hospital at 6-7cm dilated I still hadn’t felt a single contraction.  We even stopped at Target and picked Henleigh up from daycare before heading to the hospital.  The dr at the OB was shocked that I was still walking and these babies hadn’t fallen out (her words, not mine).

We were admitted to the hospital around 6:30, by 7:10 I had bent 2 needles for the IV and the shift had changed so I had a new nurse and a plan.  Because of my history with pitocin and epidurals they decided to give me the epidural first then pitocin.  Which was fine by me, I still wasn’t feeling any contractions.  While they were getting everything set up for the epidural and the pitocin the dr went and delivered the twins next door and said she would break my water when she got back, she broke my water around 8-8:30.  From there it was just a mater of waiting.

Some history for you… My daughter’s (Henleigh) labor was 24-25 hours and I was also induced.  Once I was 5cm dilated I asked for the epidural and shortly after my heart rate dropped and so did hers to they stopped pitocin. This happened 2 more times before they could stabilize everything and I started dilating again. With Henleigh I also never felt any contraction during labor which had been a concern of mine for this pregnancy.  In the end Henleigh was born on May 14th.  When we went in for the boys my sister-in-law (Tammy) and my mom thought it would be awesome if the boys were born on June 14th.  The nurse and the dr accepted this challenge!!

At 11pm on June 14th I asked Jamie to call for the nurse, I wanted to be checked again. Sure enough I was 9.5cm.  Since I was having twins they decided to deliver them in the OR just in case their was complications. This was a topic of discussion as well since the dr really wanted to deliver them in the room, the nurse and charge nurse wanted to deliver them in the OR. In the end the nurses won.  I was wheeled into the OR at 11:17pm and Garrett was born at 11:25pm followed by Hunter at 11:35pm.  In total we were in the OR for about 45 minutes, it took the nurses longer to set the room up than it did for me to deliver both boys naturally.

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