A Very Merry Cur-Hocki Christmas

I am not sure where the month of December went we started off camping and now Christmas has passed and we are getting ready for the new year.  I can say that part of December was spent taking care of sick adults.  Natalie got sick, then two days later Mom got sick, then two days later Jamie got sick and I followed along and got sick too.  Mom and I recovered pretty quickly but Jamie not so much.  He started not feeling well on Christmas Eve and spent most of Christmas Day sleeping.


Even though Henleigh didn’t completely understand the concept and we had to take a break from opening presents she still has her favorites.  She is in love with this vacuum that Nana gave her!!  She also loves the camp light that Santa brought. And lets not forget the baby doll seat that she is carrying around the house.

The boys love their new rattles and even though they are exactly the same they are still fighting over them.


Jamie and I are excited about the “legos” we got!!


The most creative wrapping would have to go to my mom this year.  Mechelle wanted to complete her silverware set so she got forks, spoons, and knifes for Christmas.  My mom tied ribbon to the silverware and hung them from the railing.  It was pretty cool and sounded like wind chimes anytime someone walked up or down the stairs.


When we were kids my god mother bought Mechelle and I name stools. So in keeping the tradition each of the kiddos got name stools too!! We were glad to see that the company who made ours was still in business and made the kids as well.  Thank you Damhorst Toys.


I have this obsession with ornaments so of course this year we had to add a few more to the tree.

Last year I started the tradition of making a photo ornament for each kid through shutterfly.  They aren’t cheap but they are worth every penny and I just love seeing them on the tree.  I also made the boys ball ornaments with their hospital hat, hospital band, and a sonogram in it.

Mechelle makes different ornaments each year.  This year she made gum ball machines.  They were super cute.  I think I have her convince to make and sell them at Christmas in Sedilia next year.


I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!  I am excited to see what the new year brings for us.

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