How We Started

A lot of “About Me’s” pages share how they wanted to be a _________ since they were young. And in some ways that is my story. But my dream career wasn’t to be a photographer. In high school, I was torn between becoming an engineer like my dad and a teacher like my aunt and grandpa. By the time I graduated teaching was my passion and I went on to get my master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. My child development teacher likes to tell my dad that she “won”. 

To say that photography wasn’t something I enjoyed while growing up would be a lie. As I have been going through old pictures to preserve them I have found several pictures of me holding a camera. And while in high school and college I was always taking pictures and even took a few photography classes. But my true passion for photography began when I met my husband Jamie. He encouraged me to pursue photography and “twisted” my arm to upgrade my camera. 

I have always been creative. As a young child, I enjoyed coloring and painting with my sister. My mom loved that we would sit at a table and color for hours. On the other hand, she didn’t love that we would get into the art supplies and create HUGE messes!! As a photographer, I get to express my creative side and preserve a moment in time for my clients’.  So much of my story has led us to where I am today and I hope that as you scroll down you’ll enjoy getting to know me beyond the pictures. 

Our Love Story

My Family

Keys to My Heart

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