How to Baby Proof a Camper Bunk

Picture this 3 kiddos under 2 staying in a camper for 3 nights. Now the camper did have 2 sets of bunk beds but NOTHING to keep those kiddos in bed. What were we going to do?? We needed Camper Bunkbed Rails. Taking 3 pack-n-plays was out of the questions, we just didn’t have the room. So I did what everyone else does I opened Pinterest and did a search. I found a few examples but nothing that was going to be a quick fix and we were leaving in a week.

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Hershey RV Show

When we planned to go to the Hershey RV Show we were in now way looking for a new camper.  Our goals were to look for new MODs to do to ours and look to see what our options where down the road to upgrade.  Well we did a little dreaming and found one that we might not be able to live without. Oh and did I mention that it was going to be a much needed date day for Jamie and I. Continue reading “Hershey RV Show”