Valentines Tot School

I love all things pink and glittery, probably because my birthday falls so close to Valentine’s Day. lol  And what makes it even more fun is that Henleigh is in a super girly stage and loves sparkles and anything pink. Which made Tot School extra fun this year. Your toddler will LOVE these Toddler Valentines Day Activities as much as we did.

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Daycare Management

Running a daycare is not always easy but with a little thought and a few tools, you can make your days with the kiddos enjoyable. Coming from the classroom I knew that I needed to have a routine when it came to our day to day activities in the daycare. I also knew that I would need a few systems/things that would help things run smoother. I have divided this list into two categories; one list is things that help me as the teacher and the second is a list of things to tame the chaos.

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