Leaving a Legacy

Did anyone else sob like a baby during the Google Super Bowl commercial or Just me? I guess for me it hit home and hit hard especially after losing my mom. The commercial was a reminder to me of how important memories are and not just the big memories (holidays and adventures) but the little things too. It sparked my desire to leave a legacy.

I started to think about the day to day things that I do and that my kids do. Many of the things I thought of were temporary, we would do them during this season of our life but they wouldn’t be something we did forever. I realized that I wanted to remember those little things we did every day. I wanted to remember the things that would one day be gone. 

Right before that commercial aired Jamie was grousing about all of the kid’s toys and how much of a mess the living room was. I just looked at him and said “you’re going to miss this.” He just looked at me, my response was “one day there won’t be a mess and you will want there to be one. One day there won’t be any toys on the shelf and believe it or not one day they won’t be here to make the mess. So enjoy the toys, the mess, and the noise because one day it will be clean and quiet.” 

As to not forget what I wanted to capture I started writing post-it notes to remind me of pictures I wanted to take. I haven’t quite figured out a place to put these post-it notes so they are visible and reminders of times I want to pick up my camera, but until then I will continue to write them and snap pictures. 

If you are struggling with what you want to remember to check Creating Your Family Legacy for a list of questions that will encourage you to reflect and think about those moments.

Below are some of the “things” I don’t want to forget. 

Henleigh learning to “i love you” in sign language.
Helping with the firewood.
Garrett always drinking water!
Marisol sleeping in a laundry basket.
Henleigh reading.
Marisol’s Piggy Feet.
Garrett opening a cookie.
All of the coats that never get picked up.

Interested in how I share our family pictures and work towards leaving a legacy? Check out Sharing Memories.

Marisol is Here!! her Birth Story

A little early but we couldn’t image our life without this little piggy! When they say every pregnancy is different they aren’t lying. The end of this pregnancy was rough and it really did feel like I was pregnant FOREVER!! I guess that is what happens when life throws you lemons while pregnant. But this little piggy is the best present we could have received after the season of life that we have just endured.

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Grieving in My Own Way

In September we lost my mom to lymphoma.  It was not something we were prepared for and not something we expected. In my shock and disbelief, I desperately searched for things to remember her by. My mom was my best friend, we did just about everything together. The hardest part was not being able to pick up my phone and tell her about something funny the kids did or a problem that I was having. 

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The Boys are TWO!!!

Where does time go? I have been home with them a complete year and they have been a part of this family for TWO years now!! I would have to say that they have done the most growing up this year. For starters, they both have hair now that we have to get cut on a semi-regular basis and their vocabulary!! OMG I think we counted over 50 words they each know last night. Here is a little recap on what each boy likes and dislikes.

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Henleigh is THREE!!

Happy Birthday, Henleigh!!

You are a firecraker/hurricane, but we love you just the same. We can’t believe that you are already 3. Most days you are sweet, helpful and chatty but on other days your redheaded temper comes out and you are downright STUBBORN!! You throw fits/temper tantrums like your aunt Chelle Chelle and can just about outsmart/talk whatever situation you want. You correct us when we read a word wrong in your favorite book and are just so darn cute!

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