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Grieving in My Own Way

on November 15, 2019
How I am Grieving

In September we lost my mom to lymphoma.  It was not something we were prepared for and not something we expected. In my shock and disbelief, I desperately searched for things to remember her by. My mom was my best friend, we did just about everything together. The hardest part was not being able to pick up my phone and tell her about something funny the kids did or a problem that I was having. 

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The Boys are TWO!!!

on June 14, 2019

Where does time go? I have been home with them a complete year and they have been a part of this family for TWO years now!! I would have to say that they have done the most growing up this year. For starters, they both have hair now that we have to get cut on a semi-regular basis and their vocabulary!! OMG I think we counted over 50 words they each know last night. Here is a little recap on what each boy likes and dislikes.

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Henleigh is THREE!!

on May 14, 2019
Henleigh is THREE!!

Happy Birthday, Henleigh!!

You are a firecraker/hurricane, but we love you just the same. We can’t believe that you are already 3. Most days you are sweet, helpful and chatty but on other days your redheaded temper comes out and you are downright STUBBORN!! You throw fits/temper tantrums like your aunt Chelle Chelle and can just about outsmart/talk whatever situation you want. You correct us when we read a word wrong in your favorite book and are just so darn cute!

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Family Update Spring 2019

on May 10, 2019
BUBBLES!!! hours of fun.

The end of March beginning of April was an emotional and busy month for the Lahocki/Curtis’. Some of which we are ready to talk about and some of which will save for a later date. I figured I would write a post to let you guys know what is new in our lives.

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My Vision Board

on January 15, 2019

Each year we hear about everyone making their new year’s resolutions and what they are working toward this year, more often than not those goals get forgotten within a month or two. And I have to say I am guilty of the same thing. Well not this year!!! Jamie and I have created a 5 year plan for ourselves and I have created a Vision Board to remind me what we are working towards. You may be asking “What is a Vision Board” and “Why do you need one”, well…

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