My Vision Board

Each year we hear about everyone making their new year’s resolutions and what they are working toward this year, more often than not those goals get forgotten within a month or two. And I have to say I am guilty of the same thing. Well not this year!!! Jamie and I have created a 5 year plan for ourselves and I have created a Vision Board to remind me what we are working towards. You may be asking “What is a Vision Board” and “Why do you need one”, well…

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Why we Do Adventures OVER Gifts

Kids love toys!!  That is something that we all know, but how long does a child typically play with a certain toy? What happens to that toy when they are done playing with it? Do they remember who gave them each toy that they received? As we grow older we come to realize “Collecting Moments not Things” matters more than having the latest and greatest. Spending time with those that we care about has a lasting memory. So instead of giving toys why not give Adventures!  This is exactly what we decided to do for Christmas, Birthday’s, Easter, etc. we are going to give our kids Adventures Over Gifts.

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