A Very Merry Cur-Hocki Christmas

I am not sure where the month of December went we started off camping and now Christmas has passed and we are getting ready for the new year.  I can say that part of December was spent taking care of sick adults.  Natalie got sick, then two days later Mom got sick, then two days later Jamie got sick and I followed along and got sick too.  Mom and I recovered pretty quickly but Jamie not so much.  He started not feeling well on Christmas Eve and spent most of Christmas Day sleeping.


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Glad to See Summer End

If you know me you know that I love summer; I am a warm weather kid.  I love the beach and the pool!! This summer has been less than stellar and I am ready for fall and some positive news. The summer started out on a high note with the birth of my twin sons (Garrett and Hunter) but unfortunately from there it hasn’t been the best.

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Preserving Memories

The past couple of weeks has got me thinking about memories, I love capturing memories with my camera but also love looking at memories from the past in pictures. My grandfather and aunt loved taking pictures and we have boxes of pictures and even slides piled high in the basement. With the recent passing of my grandmother and Jamie’s brother I have again started to think about preserving memories and ways to share them.

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