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    Hummingbird Acres

    Jamie and I often dream about what we want for the future. What we want for our kids. Where we want to live. And the kind of lives we want. In 2018 we created a 5 year plan!! It is a lofty DREAM but we are determined. So here it is our 5 Year Plan… Work- We both want to be working remotely (from home). Now what this looks like changes from time to time; right now it is Jamie working as a bookkeeper/account advisor and I am working as a photographer, virtual assistant, and blogger. Home- We want a farmhouse on a good amount of land. If we can…

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    Help the Pollinators

    June is National Pollinator Month here in the US! While we should always be mindful of pollinators, June is a great time to dig in and give pollinators some extra love. The purpose of pollinator month is to spread awareness about the plight of pollinators and encourage folks to take action to help support their declining populations.  Keep reading to learn 10 ways you can help save pollinators, including things you can do at home, in your community and beyond! Most of the ways we can help pollinators seem small and easy to do – but can add up to make a big difference! Pollinator populations are impacted by human…