Change isn’t Always BAD!!

Change isn’t Always Bad

When we hear of change often our first response is NO!!!  This is so true for me, but not all change is BAD.  If you bear with me you will see..

After Christmas break our daycare (Mrs. Natalie’s) informed us that they would be closing.  Her husband was offered a job in North Carolina that they just couldn’t pass up.  I will be the first to admit that I was shocked and immediately started crying.  Natalie was the only person I ever imagined watching my kids.  The plan was for them to stay with her until they were old enough to come to school with me.  This plan came tumbling down in a matter of seconds and all I could do was cry.  Even thinking about it now makes me tear up.

So we started the process of looking for a new daycare to watch our 3 infants!!  We were shocked to find that it was ridiculous what some in home daycare and daycare centers want.  There was no way we could ever afford it.  Insert the crying again, we were losing the best day care ever!!!

This is were I would say that not all change is BAD!  At that point I was forced to take a step back and really look at my life: What was I doing? Was I really happy?  What was going to be the best for my kids?  What was the best thing for my family? What could I change?  Well after many days of reflecting and thinking and reflecting and thinking I realized that where I love teaching, I am not “in love” with teaching any more.  I want to teach but the stress of the classroom and student preformance was just something I couldn’t juggle at this time.  I realized that I don’t want my kids to go to a complete stranger.  Paying for daycare was just not going to work, I would always be stressed about money. Something needed to change…

On our way to Statefarm to sign our loan paper work for a new camper I made a random statement to Jamie; “What if I didn’t go back in the fall?”  At first he was so confused and responded by saying that “you have to go back!”  After making his listening to my reasons and throwing a couple of numbers out he was starting to realized that we could do this.  So in true Deeanne fashion I started a google doc with pros/cons and a spread sheet to look at the numbers.  I started researching things that would need to be done.  After a few weeks we presented out idea to my parents.  At first they were very unsure of the whole idea. After several more discussions and showing them the numbers, they started to come around to the idea.

Fast forward almost 4 months later and we are in the middle of one of the BIGGEST changes!!

Come fall I will be taking a leave of absence from teaching.  I will be opening my own in home day care center.  I will be able to spend more time with my kids and have more time to do the things I love (blogging, writing curriculum, being creative and sharing my knowledge).

Lots need to happen in order to make this work. So far we are in the middle of redoing the front porch (deck and railing), we have had a contractor come out and install an egress window, and we have started the ARDUOUS task of decluttering and purging our entire house.  We have also moved all three kiddos up stairs into their own rooms, the dinning room has become the new office and the office is now a bedroom.  We spent Sunday cleaning the first floor master and shampooing the carpets.  We still have lots to do but this part of the change feels so good!!  We have taken numerous loads to goodwill and with each trip the house feels lighter.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared because I am scared shitless, but I am excited for this new season and all that it has to offer. So for me change isn’t always BAD!!  Where I might not like it at first, in the end it is most likely what is best for Me and my FAMILY!

Earlier I wrote a post about ONE WORD that could change your life.  That word has served me great this past school year, but with change I am finding that I need a new word that will help guided me during this new season of our lives.  Stay tuned for what that would will be. In the mean time Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page have a great book series about finding your one word, one word that will bring focus to your life.  You can check out my post on their book One Word here.

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  1. I am very proud of you , Jamie and those babies. I believe that ultimately your one word will be ‘Success’

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