Creating Your Legacy

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  • Why You Should Take a Picture Everyday
    There’s one thing that I love about photographing my everyday and it is the satisfaction of seeing our everyday and adventures in a book at the end of the years. It’s a way for me to preserve our memories and leave a legacy for my kids. **This post may contain affiliate links. As an affiliate,
  • Memorable Vacation Photos
    Vacations are special to us because they are the time we get to slow down, spend time with our families, and do something we love. These vacations/adventures are something that we all want to capture and share but have you ever picked up your camera on vacation taken the shot and then been disappointed with
  • Changing Your Mindset to Capture the Moment
    For years after getting my first DSLR camera and starting my photography journey I compared my pictures to those I saw on Instagram or Pinterest.  I wished my pictures were bright and airy, my subjects weren’t things around my house or my dog. I was comparing myself to others that had been in the business
  • Leaving a Legacy
    Did anyone else sob like a baby during the Google Super Bowl commercial or Just me? I guess for me it hit home and hit hard especially after losing my mom. The commercial was a reminder to me of how important memories are and not just the big memories (holidays and adventures) but the little
  • Sharing Memories
    I love to take pictures of our kiddos. It is fun for me to see how they have changed and grown, so why wouldn’t our friends and family enjoy the same thing right!
  • Preserving Memories
    The past couple of weeks has got me thinking about memories, I love capturing memories with my camera but also love looking at memories from the past in pictures. My grandfather and aunt loved taking pictures and we have boxes of pictures and even slides piled high in the basement. With the recent passing of