Finding the Light

I used to drool over those light and airy pictures I saw on Pinterest and Instagram that were taken in someone’s home. I wanted my pictures to look like that too, but I just couldn’t achieve that look. I chalked it up to having small windows, dark rooms, and horrible light in our home. I used that excuse when it came to taking pictures of my kids, “our house isn’t right for pictures so I just won’t even bother taking the picture.” That was so wrong of me!! 

When I really started to study the light that came through our windows I realized how wrong I was. I started to pick up my camera more while my kids were playing inside to capture those moments. But I was also intentional about it. 

Don’t think you can’t take great pictures just because you don’t have those big windows that let in a lot of light.  Use this exercise to study the light in your house. Then intentionally pick up your camera during those times and take the shot. And just keep practicing!!

Finding the Light, Finding Good Light in Your Home.

In the morning, once the sun is up:

  • Turn off all the lights in your home
  • Open all the blinds & curtains.
  • Every hour for the rest of the day, walk into each room to observe the light
  • Take note what the light looks like at each time of day
  • At the end of the day, notice when each room had the best light.
  • The light won’t be perfect in every room at every hour of the day. Understanding how to see and find the light in your home is key.

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