First Week Home

The boys were born on a Wednesday night and we were so thankful that by Friday morning everyone had been cleared to go home.

We had spent so much time down stairs getting our living/sleeping area ready for the boys that we didn’t remember to do anything on the main level.  So once home Jamie and I brought down the pack-n-play to set up as a changing area/place for the boys to sleep.  Eventually Jamie went to pick Henleigh up from daycare and we started on her afternoon/night time routine.  We were happy to be home and Henleigh was happy to have us home.  Once Henleigh was in bed we realized that we didn’t have a changing/feeding area set up downstairs so we decided to sleep on the couch and the boys in their bassinets on the floor next to us.  It is funny how things come back to you, by 5am we had remembered all those little tricks that we used with Henleigh and finally got some sleep.

Monday was the boys first doctors appointment and we got to try out the Suburban with all the car seats.

Then came Tuesday night with a screaming 13 month old, who had a fever.  Tylenol and some snuggles later she was back in her crib (her choice) till morning.  She of course stayed home with us and good thing she did because she started to develop all of these little red bumps on her hands, feet, and around her mouth.  I called the doctor to see what they said, basically they told us Tylenol to keep the fever down and make sure that we wash our hands a lot.  The bumps got worse, she didn’t want to eat, and she still had a fever.  I ended up sending a picture of her hands and legs to Natalie. Her guess was Hand, Foot & Mouth disease, which I agreed with after some reading.

So we ended up having all 3 kiddos home with us for the week.  Most days none of them got out of their pj’s and they slept for hours.  Us on the other hand spent our days washing our hands and cleaning everything 3 and 4 times over to make sure that no one else got sick.  We were very happy when little miss seemed to be back to normal and we could get back into a routine.

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