Hummingbird Acres

Jamie and I often dream about what we want for the future. What we want for our kids. Where we want to live. And the kind of lives we want. In 2018 we created a 5 year plan!! It is a lofty DREAM but we are determined.

Make Your Dreams Happen
This saying hangs above our bed.

So here it is our 5 Year Plan…

Work- We both want to be working remotely (from home). Now what this looks like changes from time to time; right now it is Jamie working as a bookkeeper/account advisor and I am working as a photographer, virtual assistant, and blogger.

Home- We want a farmhouse on a good amount of land. If we can build that would be amazing but we aren’t afraid of a little work and wouldn’t mind a fixer-upper (We love Chip & Joanna Gains, but who doesn’t right!). We also want a big garage for Jamie and Dad to work on all of their projects! Jamie loves to garden and I have developed a love for pollinators, so we want a huge vegetable garden and a few pollinator gardens. Before my mom passed we talked about getting chickens and goats, so of course, we would have to have them in her honor.

Kids- We want our kids to have loads of things to do outside! A place where they can explore and just be kids. Of course, I want a pool, for those hot summer months. And because I am not a firm believer in home-schooling, I would want them to go to public school. And being a former teacher, I will work at home with them to give them enrichment and extra support.

Camp/Travel- We are a camping family and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. We would love to explore the USA and visit as many National Parks as we can.

Hummingbird Acres
Our Dream Home/Property

The Meaning Behind- Hummingbird Acres

If you have followed me for any amount of time you know that my mom was a big part of our lives. Her passing was devastating for everyone!! Within hours of her passing, many family members encountered a hummingbird who would not leave them alone. The day after she passed I released two monarch butterflies, when I looked at the pictures from the release I had snapped a picture of the monarch and a hummingbird in the same frame without knowing it.

My mom loved hummingbirds and had one tattooed on her ankle. The hummingbird took on a new meaning for us and was a consistent reminder of her presence.

While we were driving around one afternoon dreaming and talking about what we wanted in the future I came up with the name Hummingbird Acres. It stuck!! Jamie and I both agreed that our future home & property would be called Hummingbird Acres after my mom who loved to dream and loved her family with all of her heart.