Keeping Organized

As a mom of THREE all under 3, keeping organized is essential to everyday function.  Before kiddos I was able to keep everything digital. Now I need things written down in order to remember them. I was having a hard time finding a planner that worked for me. So I ended up creating my own.

This is what my weekly planner pages look like.  I love the fact that I am able to set goals for the week and each day.  Many of the projects I do take more time than just one day so being able to add them to my weekly goals keeps them in the front of my mind. It also makes it so I am not tied down to finishing them in one day.  


With mom not being able to help out as much we have gotten back into weekly meal planning so that everyone knows what is for dinner and can help make it.  Except dad of course because he never helps cook, which is probably a good thing. Lol I also try to keep the weekly meals listed on the fridge just in case my planner isn’t out.  We keep a master grocery list on the fridge so that we can take turns going to the grocery store. On a side note we have added many things to our Amazon subscribe and save, to help out with the shopping.

Long Term Planning

Jamie and I keep a shared Google Calendar so that we can do some long term planning for our doctors appointments, haircuts, camping trips, etc. When looking at my week and planning out what needs to be done I take the “events” from the Google Calendar and put them in my weekly planner.

Not Just a Planner

Not only does my planner function as a place to keep my weeks organized but I use it to compile all of my notes and ideas. The next section after my weekly pages is my bible of blog stuff. In here I keep a copy of my brand page, fonts, image sizes, and a template for writing down what I will blog about next.  The first page of this section is a list of things that need to be done to maintain my blog.

After the blog section is my TpT stuff.  This is where I write all of my product ideas down and sketch out what I want things to look like.  In the front of the section is my long list of things that I have made and need to post. Not sure why but I am really bad at posting new things that I make.  I need to be better about that, will probably need to add that to my weekly to do list.

My last section is our camping stuff.  In here I keep the master list of things that we need to do for the camper and things that we need to buy.  I also keep a lot of blank campground review sheets so that while we are camping Jamie and I can both jot down notes about where we are camping.  

We are known for doing lots of big projects and big events.  For those I create a to do/shopping list that we post on the fridge so that everyone can add and check things off.  Currently we are getting ready for our annual family reunion and finishing up the last couple of things for the day care.

If you are interested in my planning pages.  You can grab them for FREE here. I currently only have them in 8.5 x 11 pages, I use a 3 hole punch and put them in a Five Star Flexible binder.

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