Merry Meadows Campground, MD

So we did it!! We took our first trip in our new camper.  It was just for the weekend but we learned a lot and had loads of fun.

We went to Merry Meadow Campground, about an hour away from our house.

What we loved about the campground.

  • Love that this campground is open year round.  We love camping and are always so sad when the season “ends” so when my mom stumbled across this place we were super excited.
  • Jamie related this campgrounds set up to the “resort” in Dirty Dancing and it completely made sense to me.  They have camper cabana’s, raquet ball courts, pool and the summer months are packed full of activities (mini golf, go carts, ball fields, dog agility park, and lots more).Merry Meadows, MD
  • This would be a great campground for older kids that need things to do.

Merry Meadows, MD

  • When looking for campgrounds we try to stick with the ones less crowded.  Merry Meadow fit this bill during the winter months, but after talking to the front office we decided that camping there during prime season was just not for us.  She said that weekends in October book ONE year in advance.  Sorry that is not for us, but we will be going back towards the end of the season, say November.

What we learned about the camper and things we need to change.

We loved the fact that four adults and three kids could stay in the unit all day and still be comfortable.

The bunk rails that Jamie put together last minute worked great.  Henleigh and Hunter both stayed in their beds, with a few problems.  One being Henleigh kept Hunter awake by talking to him for hours.  There is nothing much we can do about that, except wear them out during the day which is what we did the second day. Jamie only got the 2 bed rails done before we had to leave so he does have the other 1/2 to finish before our next trip.

Henleigh also has an led light in her bunk that she knows how to turn on and off, so she spent much of the first night turning it on and off before she finally went to sleep.  So the next morning Jamie took the light off but we couldn’t disconnect it because the wires were sottered to the fixture and there was now removing the lights.  This is something we are still trying to figure out a solution too.

The radio was great since we don’t have a TV yet.  We put on a country station and basically left it on until we went to bed.  We did decide that when we get a TV we would upgrade the stereo unit to have a DVD/CD player.  When I searched it on amazon a unit that you could install in a car was about $100 less than a unit made for a camper.  That was a no brainier, in the cart it went.

Couple of other things we are going to add/change. We need a place for keys so we are going to install some hooks by the coat rack.  We also need to find a way to close off the floor vents during the summer months so they don’t get completely full of dirt and rocks.  I believe amazon has some that close. 🙂 We also need to turn the dinette seats into doors so that we can access the storage underneath.  This is one I am still researching to find a door and storage bin that would work together, stay tuned for what I find.

Our next trip is scheduled for the last weekend in April.  And here is our to do list…

  1. finish bed rails
  2. shelves in master bedroom cloests
  3. attach storage baskets to the walls
  4. organize the rear storage compartment, where we keep all of the sewer and water supplies.

Overall, great first trip and we can’t wait to go again!!!

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