Camping Must for Mom

Must Haves for a Camping Mom

Not sure about you but, I love camping. But I don’t want to have “camp hair” the entire weekend. To make sure that I am feeling clean and refreshed I ways make sure the camper is stocked with a few essentials. And I am not just talking toiletries! As a busy mom I also don’t want to spend all day around a stove cooking so I am including a few of my cooking must haves, too!

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Dry Shampoo– Game changer for mornings when you can’t shower or just don’t have time. I love Batiste it is super light and smells good.

Hair spray– is also great to keep those fly away hairs in place and makes sure that my hair keeps a little of its curl.

Body spray & Deodorant– An extra sprit of body spray throughout the day makes it so I don’t feel like I smell all day.

Lotion– I find that I wash my hands more when we are camping and therefore they get really dry at night and I am always looking for lotion

Advil/Tylenol/Ibuprofen– just in case you wake up not feeling your best or your stuck in the camper because it is raining and your kids are driving you crazy.

Good to Haves

Good Pillow and Bed– there is nothing worse than waking up feeling sore, especially if you are up early (because whoever gets to sleep in while camping).

Crocs/Duck Boots– for some reason every time we camp it rains either while setting up on packing up. Last year I purchased Duck Boots and boy was that a game changer. They keep my feet warm during those cold fall and spring rains and a super easy to slip on when I need to run outside to get something. I also have Crocs that are great to slip on and walk around the campsite/campground.


Instant Pot– We original got the Insta Pot for the house when my mom got sick and we needed to find a way to make meals quickly.  It wasn’t long before we realized that the Insta Pot was a game changer for our daily lives. So we decided that it needed to come camping with us to. Check out some of our favorite Camping Friendly Insta Pot Recipes.

Induction Cooktop– Most of the time our day adventures run late and we don’t get back to camp until way past dinner time. With 3 very hungry kids the induction cooktop heats up fast and makes it quick and easy to make a meal before it gets dark and the kids need to go to bed.

It is always good to remember that you are camping and not attending a fancy gala. If you skip a shower and end up wearing a hat, its ok. Just keep a positive mind set and remember to enjoy your time with your family and friends. Camping doesn’t have to make you feel “dirty”, you can camp and still look cute.

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