Interactive Thanksgiving Book
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My Thanksgiving Book

Are you looking for a way to teach your kiddos about Thanksgiving? This My Thanksgiving Book not only teaches kiddos about Thanksgiving but also is interactive and a great keepsake.

The Cover

To make the cover have your kiddos make a handprint turkey. Start by having them trace their hand. Color each finger a different color for the turkeys feathers, and then color the palm and the thumb brown to make the turkey’s body and head. Add an orange beak and I and a red gobble. Make sure they add their name to the front cover.

Thanksgiving Book Cover

Page 1

On the first page have kiddos read the sentence and fill in the blank with the word Pilgrims. The sentence should read “Long ago pilgrims came to America.” For the picture glue down the brown hat and with a black crayon drawing on a buckle. Using a flesh color crayon draw a semi-circle for the face, then add blue eyes and a red smile. With a brown crayon add a neck and a collared shirt.

Thanksgiving Book page 1

Page 2

On the next page have kiddos to fill in the blank with the word Mayflower. The sentence should read them they cross the ocean on a ship called the mayflower they landed at Plymouth rock in 1620. To make the ship glue the semi-circle down then the three poles for the mast. Lastly, glue the three sails. Then add the three brown circles for the portholes.

Thanksgiving Book Page 2

Page 3

On the next page, kiddos will fill in the blank with the words log cabins. The sentence should read they built a log cabin for their families. To make the picture glue three strips of brown paper horizontal going up the page making sure that you leave a little gap in between. Then use two more brown strips to make the roof. Then with crayons add trees grass and the door.

Thanksgiving Book Page 3

Page 4

The next page is the Indian.  Kiddos will add the word Indian to the blank.  The page should read “Friendly Indians showed them how to catch fish, pick berries and plant corn.” For this page, I recommend taping the feathers down first then drawing a semi-circle for the face. Add black eyes and a mouth. For the shirt and neck use a brown crayon to draw, making sure the shirt looks a little like a vest. Once that is done have kiddos glue the headband over the tape that holds the feathers down. They can draw and color rectangles on the headband. 

Thanksgiving Book Page 4

Page 5

For the last page kiddos will fill in the blank with the word Thanksgiving. The page will read “The pilgrims asked the Indians to come for dinner. They had corn cranberries and pumpkin pie. This was the first Thanksgiving.” For the picture glue the yellow piece down first. Then layer the two green pieces on top. Add on brown ovals to the corn to make kernels. 

Thanksgiving Book Page 5

Tips & Tricks for Completing this Project with Your Class

To keep your kiddos engaged in this project spread it out over several days doing 1-2 pages a day. Use a document camera or another form of technology to model how each page is supposed to look. By creating your own book you will also have an example for the following year.

This My Thanksgiving Book was always a hit when I taught in the primary classroom. You can find this product in my TpT store.

My Thanksgiving Book

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