Adventure in a Box

Living our Adventures is all about spending time as a family and doing things (aka adventures) together.  We believe that an adventure doesn’t necessarily mean that you to have to travel someplace new or even leave your house. Adventure is all around you if you have an imagination and the correct mindset.

These activities were chosen and planned with toddlers (2-3years old) in mind. Each box contains 4-5 different activities that you can do with your toddler based on a specific theme. I give book suggestions and links to extension activities when available.

The provided activities were not intended to be done in one day.  And you don’t have to do them ALL, pick and choose what your toddler will enjoy the most.

For each activity, you will find a list of materials, things that might need to be prepped ahead of time and directions for the activity. 

Adventure Boxes in Action

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