Our Photography Story

In high school I remember having a point and shoot camera that I would take to every social gathering I went to. I would get the pictures printed and use them to create scrapbooks that I recently pulled out for my husband to see.

In college, I took a few photography courses as electives but I was going to school for teaching so that is kinda all I could do.  After college and after my first couple of years of teaching I bought a Nikon D3100 with a kit lens and started taking pictures again. I would read post after post about photography and how to use my camera. But I never really felt like I understood what I was reading, nor did I really practice to work on my skills.

When I started dating Jamie my love for photography grew. He encouraged my hobby and even convinced me to upgrade my camera to a D750 and buy a few new lenses. I started taking photography classes and practicing more.  We started our family which gave me four great subjects that I could photograph but photography was still just a hobby for me. Something I would pick up every couple of days or when the timing was right. 

When I look back at my lightroom catalogs I can tell which months were good and which ones were bad based on the number of pictures I took that month.  My mom being sick took a toll on all of us and looking back I can see that in my photography.

I remember picking my camera up about a week or so after she died in September of 2019 and taking it with me outside while I watched my kids play. That first shot I took felt so good and every shot after that was exhilarating. At that moment I started to realize that photography was something that I not only enjoyed but something that was going to help me get through this season of life. 

I started to pick up my camera more often, just taking pictures of our everyday. It gave me a purpose and something of my very own to look forward to each day! 

In the winter of 2019-2020, I read Find Your Why by Simon Sinek Reading that book and going through the exercises pulled everything into focus for me… this hobby of mine was my “WHY!”

My Why:

I want to inspire others to take adventures and capture those adventures through pictures. I want to leave a legacy of memories for my children and my grandchildren that show adventure and family fun.