The Boys are TWO!!!

Where does time go? I have been home with them a complete year and they have been a part of this family for TWO years now!! I would have to say that they have done the most growing up this year. For starters, they both have hair now that we have to get cut on a semi-regular basis and their vocabulary!! OMG I think we counted over 50 words they each know last night. Here is a little recap on what each boy likes and dislikes.


Likes: his sister (that includes fighting with her), cookies and ice cream, camping, his MeMe, telling Mommy what to do, everything in order and in its place, routines, books, the water, hats, BUBBLES

DisLikes: new places and new people, large groups of people, not a huge fan of strawberries, riding on the tractor but he will ride in the wagon behind the tractor, the Ranger at Aunt Chelle Chelle’s and Uncle Mitchell’s, time outs, getting his picture taken


Likes: His Granddaddy (if Grand Daddy is doing it Hunter is right there helping), his cam-per and truck (big truck), being outside, riding Henleigh’s bike, walks, EATING, airplanes, tractors, choo choo trains, squezeens, tools, CHEESE!!!

DisLikes: the Ranger at Aunt Chelle Chelle’s and Uncle Mitchell’s, LISTENING, Being told NO or to STOP, sitting still

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