Weddings Gallery

Eeeek!  Congratulations on your engagement and I am sooo glad you are here.  First things first…by the time your wedding is over we might just be best friends. Because here’s how this goes.  You book your wedding date.  We chat. We meet. We shoot some engagement photos.  We laugh.  We practice for the big day.  We chat and laugh some more. You get married!!!!!! And I’m by your side through it all.  Questions, tears, last-minute freak-outs…. I got you! I’ll grab bouquets, fix dresses, tame the drunken groomsmen, cry at your ceremony, laugh with your mama and keep.that.timeline.moving. All the while,  clicking away. The tiniest details and the biggest moments, the posed shots and the candid captures…  all an extraordinary part of your story.   Because at the end of the day, after the food is eaten, the flowers are wilted, and the guests have gone home…. Your photos remain. 

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