Camping with out Mom

First Trip With Out Mom

We knew that Camping Without Mom wasn’t going to be easy but it was something that we needed to do. We decided that we wanted to go somewhere familiar and not really have an agenda for the weekend. So I made reservations at our go-to Campground; Island Resort.

Mechelle was still on maternity leave with Coleman so she was able to come with us. I never realized that she had never been to Island Resort. So this was a new adventure for her and the boys.

Island Resort Camping

Everything about this trip was simple. We only planned one day adventure into Ocean City and the rest of the time we spent at camp.

While at camp Dad found an abandoned Jeep that caught his eye and he is now looking into as his next “project”. I know mom is screaming “NO” and rolling her eyes at me for saying he should do it, but he needs something to tinker with after work.

Island Resort Playground

Traveling Concern…

Dad’s main concern with continuing to camp without mom was Wallie. It’s not that he is a bad traveler, he just gets excited to travel in a vehicle and has been known to try and get on the dash of the MC when they are going down the highway. To problem solve this Mechelle road with dad.

Before we even left they gave Wallie a pill to help him calm down. Which really didn’t help so they tried giving him another one, which didn’t help he continued to bark. To prevent the walking on the dash Dad removed the table and put his cage in the space. He also put a towel over the cage so he wouldn’t be able to see what was going on outside. The cage kept him from walking the dash and Dad yelling at him one or two times seems to have helped with the barking. On the way back they put him in the cage but didn’t give him any meds and he did great. The true test will be Thanksgiving when he travels with Wallie by himself.

Camping with Dogs

Trip First…

This trip was also the first time the kids made and ate smores!! Henleigh, of course, loved them and Garrett too. Hunter liked them but didn’t like how sticky they made his hands.

island resort- smores

Raylan had been camping with us before but this was Coleman’s first official camping trip. For only being 2 months old he did GREAT!! Mechelle kept it simple with only bringing the rock n play, dock a tot, and the stroller. She also had lots of warm clothes for him.

Coleman Camping

Things Learned…

This trip was also great for figuring out what was in the MC, what supplies needed to be restocked and what was truly not needed. Before we even left Dad and I went through the kitchen area; reorganized and cleaned out. He found so many napkins!! Mechelle and Dad went through the bedroom and cleaned out all of mom’s clothes.

Our first night was COLD!!! We did great with our little space heater and the electric fireplace. I think our gas heat maybe kicked on 2-3 times. Dad, on the other hand, complained about how many times his heater kicked on. So before our adventure into Ocean City, we stopped at Home Depot and got a self-contained oil heater which made a huge difference in the next two nights. He also found a small space heater for his bedroom. This is all really funny to me because it was always my mom saying that we have already paid for the electric at a site so why not use it.

collecting pinecones

Camping without Mom was hard but we are very happy that we did it as a family and allowed ourselves grace in this new season. Or how dad likes to put it, the new normal.

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