Island Resort Campground

Island Resort Campground, MD ~Campground Review~

Do you have your next trip planned or are you looking for somewhere to go? We just got back from a trip to our favorite campground (we visit here 2-3 times a year), Island Resort in Newark, Maryland.  

We love this campground for so many reasons first being the proximity to Assateague, where we can drive on the beach and see the wild ponies. As a side note Assategue is a National Park and one of the very first stamps we got for our book, you can read all about our national park book here

This campground also has really big sites.. We frequent this place so much they often know who we are when we call. Island Resort was built on an old quarry that they allowed to fill with water. They have sites almost all the way around the lake.  They also have sites next to the pond. There newest section is not on the lake but has lake views.

You can canoe or kayak on the lake but are only allowed to swim in the designated area. In the swim area they have a large swim trampoline and climber.  Our kiddos are too small but the teenagers/pre-teens were having a blast playing on them. You can also fish in the lake. It is catch and release but they have prizes for catching certain fish.

We also love this campground for how quiet it is. I believe there is nightly quiet hours but you would never know because it is quiet most of the time.

Campground Details

    • Large sites with full hook ups
    • Daily trash pick up
    • Seasonal and transit sites
    • Quiet campground
    • Lake & pond for catch and release fishing
    • Canoa rentals
    • Lake swim area with trampoline
    • Large beach area with playground
    • Trails with boat ramps that you can follow out into the bay.
    • Large camp store
  • Pool with 12 inch shallow end, which the boys loved because they didn’t have to be in their pool floats

Things we did:

    • We did a lot of hanging out at the campground. We took the kids to the campground beach/playground. The dogs loved chasing the ball and swimming in the lake. Garrett loves the slide and kept screeching at grand-dad to put him back on the slide. Henleigh enjoyed riding the “4 wheeler”. Hunter just wandered around.
    • At the campsite we blew up the kids baby pool and let them play in the water. I believe this was one of their favorite things. Beside telling the other campers how to park.
    • The Steens’ came for a visit and we took the kids to the pool. Henleigh loved jumping in the deep end. The boys loved the ??   Because they didn’t have to be in their floats. Not sure if they will ever want to get back into their floats.
  • On Saturday after nap time we took the kids to the beach. Henleigh had been asking to go to the beach for weeks and she asked to go as soon as we woke her up. Only problem was all 3 kiddos screamed bloody murder when we took them out of the truck and put them in the sand. Henleigh and Hunter even tries to get back into the truck. Not sure how they are mine but we forced them to stay and so glad we did because the horses came down the beach!!
  • On Sunday we packed up to come home and were very disappointed that was giving away free stickers on the beach and RVenturers just so happened to being staying at Island Resort too!!  But don’t worry I quickly got on line and ordered us some stickers.

Overall great last minute trip and a great way to kick off our end of summer camping marathon. North Carolina here we come!!

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