Our Camping Story…

We love camping and going on adventures with our family and friends and hope that you do as well.

We started off in a pop-up that we rebuilt and quickly realized that setting up and taking down camp was a huge undertaking for a growing family with small kids (3 under 2). So we bought this camper (aka the Jayco) in the winter of 2018. We camped a handful of times and made some modifications to make it ours. 

In the fall of 2018, Jamie and I went to an RV show and fell in love with another camper.  We couldn’t get that camper out of our mind and decided that we needed another upgrade. So we bought the Wildwood.

When deciding what to do with the Jayco we thought about how much we enjoyed that camper and how we wanted others to enjoy it as well. So we listed the Jayco on RV Share for others to rent and take on their adventures. We hope you have an amazing trip. Make sure to capture your adventures and create your legacy. If at any point you have a question please feel free to contact us.

Our Campers

1998 Coleman Bayside
2017 Jayco Jayflight
2019 Forest River Wildwood
Joan Greenway
Yoga Instructor

Everything Camping…

Camper Mods

We are a DIY family and love taking on projects that will make camping easier and fun for the whole family.  Check out what Modifications we have done to our campers.


Tips & Tricks

We have been camping for years and have learned a few things along the way.  Check out what we reccomend for every camper.


Camping with Kids

Our kids LOVE to go camping!!  It isn’t always easy to camp with kids but we have learned a few things along the way that we want to share.


Camping Meals

Just because you don’t have access to your entire kitchen while camping doesn’t mean you can’t eat good. Check out what gadgets and recipes we recommend for every camping trip.



Looking for family friendly places to camp, check out where we have stayed. Read about the pros and cons of each place.


National Parks

We love to camp at National Parks and visit them as often as we can.  Check out which ones we have visited and our list of must sees.


Our Adventures

As Free as the Ocean

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