Sharing Memories

I love to take pictures of our kiddos. It is fun for me to see how they have changed and grown, so why wouldn’t our friends and family enjoy the same thing right!

The 3 main ways I share pictures.

  1. Instagram- my goal is to post one picture of each kid daily. This doesn’t always happen but Instagram is still my favorite way to share pictures. I keep two instagram accounts one for theTickeledPineapple and one for pictures of the kids (our family insta account).  On the family account I will often post 3-4 pictures a day of a kiddo and tag them so that they will be put in Chatbooks. You can read more about our Chatbooks here.
  1. Apple iShare- I will share pictures to the iShare when ever I remember to.  The iShare is how Jamie’s sisters see many of our pictures. I love that I can then use apple tv and the slideshow feature to show the pictures during gatherings or weekends when we want to listen to the radio. This year my dad decided that he wanted to show the pictures in the garage during the reunion. So we bought a TV and wall mount for the camper that we could also use in the garage.
  2. ” data-wplink-url-error=”true”>Nixplay– Nixplay is our wireless digital picture frame that sits in our living room.  It is motion activated so it isn’t going all the time (energy saver) and I don’t have to change the memory card on it to add pictures.  I use the ” data-wplink-url-error=”true”>Nixplay app to upload pictures to our frame and the frame we got Nana for Christmas. Mechelle and Mitchell also have a frame and the app. Mechelle will share pictures whenever she remembers. My dad loves to watch the frame during commercials and comments on his favorites and new ones he sees.

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A couple of weeks ago Shutterfly offered 10 free magnets so I was able to finish ours and Nana’s first year magnet collection. I love the way they look on the fridge. And it is fun for the kids to look at them and point to themselves. Mechelle liked them too and started a set for Raylan.

What are your favorite ways to share memories?

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