~Camping~ Sedalia, VA

Our first official camping trip of the year was to Big Island, VA (where aunt Chelle Chelle lives). To get to Mechelle’s you have to go up a mountain. I was not thrilled with this idea considering the fact that we are about 60ft long. So Jamie and my mom decide that it would be best to leave Thursday night so that by the time we got for the mountain it was dark and I could t see over the edge. This was a great idea!

Sedalia, VA

Jamie went extra slow to make me comfortable and it was a plus that I couldn’t see over the edge.  The down side was that it was pouring down rain when we go there. So instead of pulling into the field and setting up we pulled in front of the pavilion and set up to my complete disliking. In the end it was ok but we had to pick everything up in the morning and move.

Mechelle lives about 4 hours away so it was going to be a long drive. Jamie filled up the tank but we very quickly realized we were going to have to stop again. We decided that we would stop on 81 at one of the bigger rest stops. Turns out that the one we stopped at was big but could have been bigger. On the way back we decided to stop closer to 66, dad said New Market so that’s what we were heading for, turns out he meant the exit before (157) and we missed it. We stopped in New Market but the gas station was too small.  Next time we make the run we decide that we need to stop an exit or two after 158.

Out of all the events that the Sedalia Center puts on this is one of our favorites probably because Mechelle runs it but it is also a really good event. This year we camped instead of staying at Mechelle and Mitchell’s.  So second time camping and we were boondocking it. Well somewhat boondocking, we had 30 amps but no water. On Friday we used the garden hose to fill up the water tank. Well we tried but couldn’t get the system to recognize how much water we were putting in, it kept reading E for empty. But we had water so we weren’t sure what was going on. We made a note that we need to look into the size water tank that we had. Over all we did great and I even turned the heat on in the mornings because it was cold.

On this trip we realized that we really needed to do something with Henleigh’s light in her bunk.  She couldn’t fall asleep because she kept turning the light on and off. We even stood outside her window and yelled at her but it didn’t phase her.  And because she was up Hunter was up too. Disconnecting the light became the first priority for when we got home. We also learned that we shouldn’t be base camp because the camper doesn’t had very good insulation and you can hear everything inside the camper, which made hanging out after the kids go to bed a nightmare (especially for naps).

Last year for BBQ & Blues Mom and Paul were a cooking team and it rained the whole time so the event was a little different.  This year we had sunny skies and a great turn out. The way it works is different teams sign up to cook so many pounds of bbq, then judges taste each teams bbq and puts out scores for taste and presentation.  Then the public comes in and tastes. They are given one ticket to vote for their favorite. The Sedalia Center also has a few bands come in and perform during the event. Overall the event is a lot of fun and a great way to just relax and spend time with family and friends.  If you are in the Big Island area next year around this time (end of April) I suggest you stop by and check it out.

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