Lake Somerset Campground

Lake Somerset Campground ~Campground Review~

When we are looking for a campground we prefer smaller campgrounds that aren’t well known. We consider these campground hidden gems. Lake Somerset Campground was one of those hidden gems that my mom happened to find when our favorite campground was booked.

Jamie and I were unable to get off of work early on Friday so we weren’t leaving until after 6 so I had to call for late check-in. The staff was unbelievably friendly and accommodating. And then when we were even later because Hunter threw up in the car and we had to make a stop. They completely understood and even had fun joking with us about it.

We loved the fact that this campground was owned by a family and was still run by the family. Once you got chatting with them in the office they had so many great stories to tell and just an overall great personality. Let’s just say we visited the office often for soda and ice cream (aka prego girl problems, Mechelle).

Mechelle and I both agreed that Lake Somerset Campground had the most activities for kids! Raylan loved the petting zoo, Garrett screamed. Henleigh loved the bounce house. Hunter loved the train at the playground and Garrett loved the jungle gym. And these were just the things we let them do. They also had a beach with tons of sand toys, mini-golf, snow cones, and a pool.

Lake Somerset Campground, Petting Zoo
Lake Somerset Campground, Playground
Lake Somerset Campground Bounce House

For the adults, they had paddle boats that you could rent and take out on the lake. You could also bring your own small boats to use. Many people were fishing on the lake and caught turtles.

Lake Somerset Campground Map

We stayed in the pull-through sites as soon as you enter the campground. The sites are very long but close together with lots of trees. To give us the most room we set up our tables and such behind MeMe and Grand-dads Camper. This gave us the most space.

Because the sites were pull-through we buddied with MeMe and Grand-dad which is what we prefer to do when camping together so that we can move between the 2 campers easily.

Uncle Ron and Aunt Nancy were in site 5. Out of all of our sites, theirs was the widest and still had the length. When we return that will be the site that we ask for.

Lake Somerset Campground

While there we went into Crisfield to get crabs. They were a treat. We also went to the local Walmart (of course someone forgot something). Other nearby attractions were Pocomoke River Excursions and Historic Princess Anne. Assateague and Chincoteague were a little bit of a drive but easy to get too.

Cook Out Milkshakes, Yum!!

This was a little out of the way but when Jamie and I saw the sign we had to go!!! When in North Carolina Cook Out is our favorite place to visit for milkshakes. Jamie and I are suckers for Peanut Butter milkshakes, Yum!

On this adventure, the kids ended up with the stomach bug. UGH!!! Caring for sick kiddos while camping is not fun but we had patience, flexibility, some key supplies on hand that made it much easier. Read about what supplies we always have on hand in our Sick Kiddo Camping Check List.

Lake Somerset Campground, Petting Zoo

We really loved staying at Lake Somerset Campground!! It will be on our list to visit in the future especially since they have ample activities for the kids! Check out their website and/or Facebook page to learn more about the campground and make your reservations.

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