When to Upgrade Your Camper

Once you have the camping bug it never seems to go away. Well, at least that is the case for me. Endless Caverns fed that bug but just wasn’t enough. Endless Caverns showed Jamie that weekend camping could be simple and he agreed to One Last Trip! In true Jamie and Dee fashion, this one last trip had us questioning when we should upgrade our camper. 

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How to Baby Proof a Camper Bunk

Picture this 3 kiddos under 2 staying in a camper for 3 nights. Now the camper did have 2 sets of bunk beds but NOTHING to keep those kiddos in bed. What were we going to do?? We needed Camper Bunkbed Rails. Taking 3 pack-n-plays was out of the questions, we just didn’t have the room. So I did what everyone else does I opened Pinterest and did a search. I found a few examples but nothing that was going to be a quick fix and we were leaving in a week.

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