Kids Camping Boxes

Ever feel like your kids get bored while hanging out at the campsite? Are you always trying to find something for them to do? These Kids Camping Boxes are an easy pack ahead item for your next camping trip.

Why Should You Making Camping Boxes for your Kids

Rainy Days is the first sernio that pops into my head. No one like to be outside on rainy days, especially if it is cold. So everyone normally crams inside the camper to stay day. Which means that your kids don’t have a whole lot of room to play and run around. Kids Camping Boxes are perfect to pull out on those rainy days! They are full of things to play with that aren’t your normal camping toys, therefore they will hold your child’s attention just a little bit longer.

Campsite Entertainment Your campsite will most likely only come with a picnic table and maybe a fire ring. That isn’t the best entertainment for your kiddos. So instead of taking walk after walk after walk to the playground pull out your Kids Camping Boxes. It is full of things for your kids to do while sitting around the campsite.

Making Dinner I don’t know about you but making dinner at camp and chasing 3 toddlers around the campsite is not my idea of fun. So to keep them engaged while I cook dinner I will pull out their Kids Camping Box and let them play. Most of the items in our box can be done at the table or on the ground which is perfect for this Mama who wants to cook dinner without too many interruptions

How to Make

Your kids Camping Boxes don’t have to be anything fancy. Ours is a recycled plastic storage bin that I filled with a bunch of random toys from around our house.

Here is a full list of ideas of what you can put in your Kids Camping Boxes. If you think of something else please drop me a comment in the box below. And to avoid the whining kids at camp, be sure to prep your Kids Camping Boxes before you leave.

Looking for more ideas on how to keep your kids entertained while camping check-out this post; Keeping Kids Entertained While Camping.

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