Camping with Sick Kids
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Camping with Sick Kids

It doesn’t happen often but with three almost four little kids, someone is bound to get sick on a camping trip.  We learned the hard way that it isn’t fun and some of those comforts from home we really needed and didn’t have.

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After the first trip where they got actually sick, I mean throwing up and temperatures we made sure to add a few things to the camper so we would be prepared next time.  We were also very very thankful for a couple of things that we already had.

Make sure to pack or always have:

  • can of chicken noodle soup – Jamie’s mom swears by chicken noodle soup when you are sick and to some extent, I would agree.
  • crackers – Crackers are something that my mom always took with us when we traveled either on the boat or in the camper. They always helped settle an upset belly. We take the little oyster ones with us because they are just easier for the kids to eat and not a huge mess.
  • cleaner – When Henleigh threw up she not only got it all over herself but also the couch. Aunt Nancy and Uncle Ron gave us ??, which was amazing on the cheap couch material but it also got rid of the smell (something I can not stand).
  • thermometer – You can’t predict when a kid will get sick and you don’t want to give them meds if they don’t really need it, so get a thermometer that can stay in your camper for those just in case moments.
  • medicine – It is just good to have in the camper all the time. I normally put Tylenol or Motrin in the camper at the beginning of the season and restock as needed.
  • extra towels – These are just great to have in general and with sick kids, you never know when you will have a mess to clean up.
  • extra trash bags – We don’t have a washer/dryer in the Wildwood and when the kids got sick we were going home the next day so instead of taking everything up to the laundry we bagged everything up to be washed when we got home.

Camper Features that came in handy:

  • removable shower head – When Henleigh threw up she was on the couch and threw up all over herself. The easiest thing to do was to put her in the shower. The removable shower head was great for a quick shower/bath.
  • extra long shower hose – The extra long shower hose was great when Garrett wouldn’t sit still when he was getting his shower/bath. I had plenty of hose reach the back of the tub where he was trying to hide.
  • a table that folded down – In the Wildwood the kids all sleep in the bunkhouse, well when Garrett is sick he doesn’t sleep very well so to make sure he didn’t wake up the other kids we put the table down and took turns sleeping with him on the table. He was up every couple of hours but the other kids slept great which was perfect.

Above all make sure you have…


The next morning when we left we were exhausted and running on very little patience. Jamie and I did the bare minimum to get ready to travel knowing that when we got home we would have to do a deep clean the camper. We also took our time packing up, there was no rush. Camping with Sick Kids is not easy but totally doable!

Camping with Sick Kids

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