Keeping Kids Entertained While Camping

I am not going to lie camping with your young kids can be rough. At home they have all their toys and know their limits, but while camping they have a few toys and are in a new place with new limits. Camping with Kids doesn’t have to be stressful! I can’t really tell you what limits to set or how to enforce them but what I can suggest is some simple things for your kiddos to do so that you get sometime to relax while camping.
  • BIKES/COZY COUPE– the boys don’t fully understand the concept of a bike but they will sit on it forever and just walk it around. Or they will all pile in a cozy coupe and want to be pushed around. They do take up some space when we travel but definitely worth it.
  • BUBBLE MACHINE– There is something about bubbles that brings out the kid in everyone. We have a battery powered bubble machine that travels with us. The kids love to chase the bubbles and pop them. Recently we got the hand held bubble machines. Henleigh is the only one who has used it, she does fairly well you just have to remind her not to point it in anyone’s face.
  • CAMP LANTERNS– We found these at Target and the Coleman Outlet. They are super light and durable. Our kids love turning them on and off. They also love running around the campsite holding them.
  • GLOW STICKS– we had bought several packs of these not long after Henleigh turned one but never remembered to get them out. But when we did Henleigh was amazed and loved wearing them as necklaces and bracelets.
  • In summer, 3 RING BLOW UP POOL– this is a life saver in the summer. We would blow the pool up in the morning and fill it with water, by the afternoon the water is warm and the kids would play in it for hours!! (Pic: kids in blow up pool at island resort)
We love camping with our kids and are always looking for something new and exciting to keep them entertained. Camping with Kids doesn’t have to be stressful! If you have any suggestions please send me a message.

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