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How to Camp in Cold Weather

Brrr!! it’s getting colder and we are living in a CAMPER. Not exactly what they planned but they are embracing the opportunity. Check out how you can conquer Winter Camper Living.

Before I get into Winter Camping Living, I just want to say that I co wrote this post with my sister who is currently living in their 5th wheel while their house is being built. Living in their camper through the winter wasn’t ideal for them, but it is a sacrifice they are making. In the fall they sold their tiny travel trailer and upgraded to a 5th wheel to give them more room, since they were going to be living in the camper till at least spring.

Camping in Winter Weather

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Here are some of her tips and tricks for living in your camper during the winter

-Wrap your rv in some type of skirt. This keeps the wind from blowing under your camper and will help insulate the camper. They were no expert in wrapping the camper, they read several blog post about the best way to do this. Rvinspiration was the most helpful.

-Invest in space heaters and larger propane tanks. There is nothing like running out of propane in the middle of the night.  So they have larger tanks and always have a full spare.

-Carpet the entire camper. They already had carpet in their bedroom and the bunk house but had linoleum in their living area. They laid carpet over the linoleum in the living area and it has made a huge difference in keeping the floor warmer.

-Put foam in your ac vents. They were feeling draft from ac vents so they unscrewed the vents and put a thin foam in the vent. It had a huge difference. Camco makes a RV vent insulator that works the same way.

-Wrap your slide outs. For a little extra insulation they wrapped their slide outs in rmax.

-Either purchase a heated hose to make sure that you always have water or heat tape to put on your hose.  They also put heat lamps on timers underneath the camper to help keep the pipes from freezing.

-Insulate the windows with Reflectix. This will keep the warm air in and the cold air out. Yes you won’t get the beautiful natural light all the time but you will be warmer. If you are going to be in the camper all day you might want to consider taking the Reflectix down during the day and putting it back up mid afternoon.

-Condensation is always going to be a problem. to help purchase a dehumidifier and make sure to empty the tank often.

-Cook inside as much as you can to add extra heat. To make an effort to save propane they bought an induction cooktop and a few pans. So far they love using it and it makes cooking faster and safer with a toddler.

-Invest in proper clothing. It doesn’t matter how warm the inside of the camper is, it is still cold half way up a mountain in the middle of winter. Purchase clothes that will keep you warm over being fashionable.

Even though spending the winter in their camper wasn’t their first choice they are making the most of it and saving money in the process.

Camping doesn’t just have to be a warm weather activity. You just have to take a few extra steps to ensure that you stay warm and still have the comforts of home.  If you aren’t ready for Camper Living in Cold Weather but still want to extend your camping season then check out my post on Winter Glamping.


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