keeping mice out of your camper
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Keeping Mice out of Your Camper

Having mice in your camper is every RV owner’s worst nightmare. Not only can they be dangerous and intrusive, but they can also cause unhealthy living conditions, damage to your belongings, and costly repairs. If you’re starting to spot signs of a rodent infestation or just want to take proactive measures against them, keep reading! In this blog post we’ll break down some of the most effective ways for keeping mice out of your camper – from baiting traps to carefully sealing up any cracks that could let these unwelcome visitors inside. With these tips and our expertise on hand, you’ll rest easy knowing that unwanted critters won’t have a chance at invading your home away from home!

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5 Ways to Keep Mice Out of Your Camper

1. Don’t Let Them In!

To keep pesky mice away from your RV, it’s important to block off any points of entry and prevent them from being drawn inside. After all, just like us humans they’re looking for warmth in the winter months and something tasty to eat! Taking a few proactive steps will ensure that you can enjoy your own four-walled haven without unwanted visitors scurrying around.

2. Patch Up Any Holes

Check for any tiny cracks or holes – these spaces may be too small to perceive but can still afford unwelcome visitors like mice entry into your camper! It is best make sure no access point goes unchecked; even if it seems impossible that something could fit through such an opening, seal it up anyway.

Then move on inside and inspect nooks near kitchen appliances as they are especially attractive resting spots for rodents looking out food sources within our RVs. Show those pesky critters who’s boss by preventing them from ever entering in the first place!

To protect your home from mice, seal up any little holes you find with caulk, wood filler, spray foam or steel wool. Make sure to also place small wire mesh or hardware cloth on vents and other open spaces so air can move freely but critters can’t get in.

keeping mice out of your camper

3. Don’t Attract Mice in an RV

Keep your food safe from unwelcomed pests by storing it in tightly sealed containers. Not only will this help prevent them from sniffing out a meal, but also keep the annoying critters away if they do manage to sneak inside!

Be mindful of where you keep your soft furnishings, like paper towels and bath towels – these can become inviting nesting spots for a pesky mouse. It’s always wise to check regularly for any critter intruders in your RV before their activity gets out of hand!

After a long journey, your RV needs some TLC! Don’t let the colder weather fool you: rodents are likely on the prowl for cozy places to hide from icy temperatures – so make sure that your vehicle gets an extra-thorough cleaning before being put away in storage.

Keep a watchful eye, and be proactive! Proactively performing periodic checks of any sealed up spaces can help avoid an “unwanted guest” situation. If you’re diligent from the get-go, your RV may stay mouse free forever!

4. Add LED Lights Under and Around Your RV

Now that you’ve taken care of the structural and storage elements of keeping mice out of a camper, you can employ a few other tactics to keep them from coming back in.

 Adding lights around and underneath the camper will make them feel exposed as they prefer dark spaces; with fewer places to hide, unwanted visitors are more likely to stay away from your home-on-wheels!

Even something simple, like these solar-powered string lights, can be enough to make a mouse think twice before trying to butt in on your vacation. They also look great and add decorative value to your setup.

As a bonus, adding lights can also help deter any would-be thieves who might otherwise consider breaking into your RV

keeping mice out of your camper

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5. Use Deterrents to Keep Mice Out of an RV

Keep those pesky rodents out of your RV with natural scents they don’t care for – like peppermint and eucalyptus! A few spritzes or DIY-soaked cotton balls around the perimeter could be enough to make them keep their distance. If you’d prefer something more commercial, there are several deterrent systems available that can help ward off any unwelcome visitors from getting cozy in your camper.

We love these Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellent Bags.

Another cheap and easy alternative is to place dryer sheets and bar soap in out-of-the-way areas that could attract mice.

You must replenish any deterrents as the scent fades and they lose effectiveness. These methods work best when the smell is strong enough that it’s bothersome to mice, so don’t forget to replace them as needed or when you do your regular inspections.

The most important thing to remember with repellents of any kind is that they should be placed mindfully and intentionally to get the best results. They should discourage mice from coming in, not just keep them away from spots here and there. Try putting them near entrances, corners, and anywhere else a mouse might encounter on their way in.

keeping mice out of your camper

You’ll likely be dealing with mice while camping with your RV or while it’s in storage. The most important thing is to keep up with prevention by inspecting everything regularly and refreshing any prevention methods as needed.

Mice don’t have to become a constant problem as long as you’re careful about keeping your space secure and clean, and once you’ve completed the initial steps, the maintenance is much easier to stick with in the future.

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