Twin Lakes Campground, NC ~Campground Review~

Trip 2 of our End of Summer Camping Marathon was to Twin Lakes Camping Resort in Chocowinity, NC. This campground did not start out on a high note but started to grow on me during our 3 night stay.
Twin Lakes, NC
Twin Lakes is part of the Thousand Trails RV club which we inherited from Jamie’s mom. Of the 363 Sites in the campground the majority of them are permanent sites where the owners have added fences and storage sheds.  They also have full hookup sites along with cabins and duplex cottages.

Campground Amenities:

  • 2 pools
  • volleyball court
  • playground
  • basketball court
  • boat ramp
  • game room
  • Pavilions
  • on site laundry
Twin Lakes Campground, NC
Twin Lakes Campground, NC

Our experience:

  • Upon arrival we drove past the button at the gate to buzz us in so Jamie had to get out and push the button. It called the main office who then opened the gate for us. While driving past the guard gate I saw the guard fast asleep in the guard house. That was a great first impression.
  • The original site (which was there recommendation) was right next to the bath house. I mean our bump out would have been touching the ramp to the bath house if we were even able to get into the site. Needless to say I made Jamie go back to the office to get our site changed.
  • They moved us to a new site. It wasn’t as bad as the first but the guy in the site beside us said that when it rains the site floods (the people who were in that site last weekend had to move). Great!! We decided to stay anyway bc it was better than the first site.
  • The site was very flat which was a bonus for us. Set up went very quickly because of this. One hiccup we encountered was hooking up the sewer hose. Jamie unscrewed the lid and he could see “stuff”. So he ended up not hooking it up and went up to the office to ask them what the deal was. They said we needed to hold our waste and when we needed it pumped to add our name to the list. So on Saturday morning I added our name to the list.  When Jamie got back at 5:30 they hadn’t come to pump it out so I sent him up to the office to ask them about it. The sheet said that it was done around 1pm, I was at the camper all day and it was not done. So they had someone come and do it then. They ended up pumping the tank (in the ground out, which we shared with the people next door). Jamie made sure to ask if we were going to be ok to dump in the morning and they said yes. Well when Jamie went to dump on Sunday morning he could still see the waste when he unscrewed the cap. He dumped any way and created big problems.  Lets just say they came and pumped the camper out and we didn’t deal with the tank in the ground any more.
  • Even with the rocky start the campground was very quiet despite the rumors we had heard. The bathhouses were very clean. They did have small showers though.
Twin Lakes Campground, NC
Twin Lakes Camping Resort, NC
Even though there were some nice things about the campground I think next time we will look into staying at the state park which would be less crowded.

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