Tips and Tricks for Camping with Dogs

We couldn’t imagine camping with out our dogs.  They are part of our family and most of the time they are more behaved than the kiddos.  That being said there are a few things you need to consider when camping with dogs, keep reading to see what we make sure to pack.

Camping with Dogs

When taking your pets camping it is very important to make sure that they have their ID tag and rabies tag attached to their collars.  They are in a new place and the last thing you want is for them to get lost and have no way of getting back to you.  Most campgrounds also want copies of your pets rabies paperwork.  We keep ours in a sheet protector in every vehicle that way it doesn’t matter who the dogs ride with.

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Here are a few things that we make sure to pack when Ruben camps with us.

  • 8ft leash.  This great for around the campsite.  It is just long enough for Ru to walk around but he doesn’t get too tangled in the picnic table and chairs.
  • Retractable leash. Love this for walks and allows Ru to do his business in the woods which he prefers and I don’t have to get all dirty.
  • Poop bags. We bought one with the little carrier that will hold a roll of bags, one of the best things I bought Ruben for camping.
  • Air tight food container. This allows us to pack Ruben food for many days. We keep all of Rubens stuff in the bench under the coat rack.  I bought this specific bin because it would fit in the bench.
  • Towels. since Ruben is a lab, he loves the water.  It is very hard to keep him out of lakes, rivers, and the ocean so we are always grabbing towels to dry him off. We use old beach towels that way if they get super dirty we don’t mind.
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  • Water bucket.  In the camper Ruben has a water bowl that we put down for him but outside he use a collapsible bucket which we can then take to the beach.

What are your must haves for camping with your pets?

Camping with Dogs

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