Must have Camping Items from the Dollar Store

Dollar Store Must Haves for Camping

As we start gearing up for camping season we always make a stop at the Dollar store.  We don’t always camp with the top of the line gadgets because more often than not they get broken, lost or melt.  So each year we take inventory and make a trip to the dollar store to stock. Check out our Dollar Store Must Haves for Camping.

Kitchen Stuff

  • microwave cover
  • Plastic food storage containers
  • cooking utensils
  • dish detergent
  • scrub brushes
Dollar Store Camping Hacks


  • hand soap
  • hand sanitizer
  • travel sized toiletries
  • shampoo & conditioner
  • body wash
  • toilet brush
Dollar Store Camping Hacks
Dollar Store Camping Hacks
I didn’t know that the Dollar Store had travel sized toiletries.


  • small containers of laundry detergent
  • clothes pins
  • rope to make a clothes line
  • dryer sheets
Dollar Store Camping Hacks

Stuff for Kids

  • Bubble solution for the kids
  • sun glasses for the kids
  • colored chalk
  • wet one or wipes
  • baby powder if you are camping at the beach to keep the sand off
  • kids bug catchers for catching creatures on hikes

Cleaning Supplies / Tool Box

  • super glue
  • matches
  • broom & dust pan
  • all purpose cleaners

There is no reason why you can’t have the comforts of home while camping and do it on a budget!! These Dollar Store Camping Hacks do just the trick.

Camping Season is right around the corner make sure your Camper is stocked and ready to go with these Dollar Store Must Haves for Camping. 

Camping with Kids?

Check out these awesome items you can pick up from the Dollar Store to create Kids Camping Boxes.

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  1. Cindy Stanton says:

    Great list! I go in for things and come out with every thing under the sun.
    Taking my list with me this time. I’m setting up my new Camper and down sizing at the same time. There’s nothing better to save! 😊the best part is this list is up to date!!

  2. Something else from the Dollar Store: if you pitch a tent or a screen tent, put pool noodles on the guy lines so no one trips over them! They are much easier to see and avoid with a pool noodle on them!

  3. deecurtis211 says:

    Great idea!! Thanks.

  4. deecurtis211 says:

    So glad you found the list useful. What kind of camper are you setting up?

  5. You might want to comparison shop. Some of the things at the Dollar Store are only 97 cents at WalMart.

  6. Kris McAllister says:

    Use the single solar lights to mark the awning tie downs and then to mark the tent stakes also

  7. For tent lines along with pool noodles, attach glow in the dark bracelets to the lines so no tripping at night , works great plus puts a fun color glow at night

  8. deecurtis211 says:

    Very true Walmart is normally our next stop after the Dollar Store when getting ready for the season or a trip. 🙂

  9. Everything at dollar tree is a dollar….for me it would be worth the three cents to get everything there (dollar tree) instead of making two trips. This was a great idea, to share, Thanks!

  10. Don’t forget to a bucket with lid at Walmart to make emergency to make toliet and pool noodle for toliet seat. /garbage bags to make double bag it and $1 body wipes and to toliet paper And paper towels for draining grease off bacon Etc. Plastic forks and spoons and knifes you can clean with wipes . 2 small trash cans. One for under bathroom sink when moving 1 under kitchen sink when moving put pool noodle on pictures window in rv to stop corners cutting furniture up while moving.

  11. deecurtis211 says:

    Yes!!! Thank you.

  12. R. Henson says:

    Need to add fly traps/bait, ziplock bags, garbage bags, fly swatter, and don’t forget a small medicine/ bandaid pack, batteries if needed for lights. We recently went camping in a state park and flies were terrible. Ziplock bags were handy for left overs or to keep things organized. Garbage bins were a short walk from camps so you had to bag your trash and take it down every day. Oh and word of advice…Must put EVERYTHING food related..even seasonings up at night, we had racoons that took off with our seasonings lol

  13. Suzanne Ragan says:

    If you are having a fly problem put water in a ziploc bag and hang it from your awning or tent. Flys don’t like them and will leave. For long term put a few pennies in the bottom of the bag. Quart freezer bags work best.

  14. Dollar Tree around me have aluminum pans that are great for cooking!!!! Like eggs and anything that will fall through a grate!!! Also have plastic plates bowls cups so don’t have to worry about breaking or throwing to much trash away

  15. We are brand new to RVing so, if you can clarify and help me understand. What exactly do I need to do when you wrote regarding the putting pool noodles on pictures window in RV?

  16. deecurtis211 says:

    She is referring to cutting pool noodles longwise and then wrapping them around the rope that you would use to tie an awning down. Note that not all campers have a rope that helps hold their awning down.

  17. Debra Couch says:

    Dollar tree had microwave safe bowls with a lid that worked great for prepping supper before we left to heat up in the microwave especially that first night when you try to get set up. So many of the plastic bowls are not microwave safe.

  18. Thanks for all the great tips.

  19. We put daily trash in shopping bags from stores hung on a doorknob. Also dollar stores have laundry baskets in various sizes which can organize all of your shelf foods-crackers,canned foods etc- or simply to carry these things to and from camper. Also if doing dishes plastic dish tubs if camper sink too small. We usually make chili at home, freeze in microwave safe dish, and put in cooler to eat first or second night out

  20. This last camping trip .. brought and used something new. S hooks .. med or large. They were so convenient. Hang a rope between trees, hang wet bath towels, kitchen towels. with clothespin.
    But the S hooks are for hanging … lights,.. griddle .. bag clean kitchen towels … bbq utensils … anything. For inside the tent .. we hang lights, mirror, Love … love this new gadget.

    Also, bought a few collapsible containers … made up cloth and cardboard. I use them for inside tent .. to organize stuff inside tent … lotion, chapstick, ….. Another usage is by the table … when organizing foil, kitchen stuff, or a container for seasonings .. electronic stuff , cords, power banks .. .. anything

    Another great purchase … from 99 c STore … gardening bag with lots of pocket. I bought a green and navy blue/beige for my Hubby and I .. for shower and toiletries. This has been so convenient … keeping our toiletries for showers organize… soap, shampoo, cup/toothbrush/toothpaste, jels, lotion, coins (on a ziplock baggy ) for shower, towel ….

    Dustpan and brush. Beach long mats for floor for our inside tent .

  21. We now have to call the Dollar Store the $1.25 store in upstate NY. Not much for a buck in there anymore. But just the same its still cheeper than big store prices. Its also still very affordable. I love Dollar Tree thats the store I am talking about.

  22. Patty Crum says:

    I got one of them plastic four drawers for out side. I put it right under the table and put paper plates, silver ware, styrofoam cups, salt and pepper, lighter for fire, garbage bags and anything I need for outside so I don’t or anyone else has to run in the camper just to get something.

  23. We make a slit & cut the pool noodles to the right size & each time we open our awning, they are added. My hubby walked into them too often & no if he does, no more cuts.
    They are great for many other ideas too.

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