Camper Upgrades Winter

Winter Camper Upgrades

Covering up the camper isn’t fun for us or the kids. We love camping so much that knowing we can’t camp for a couple of months is a little depressing for us. On a brighter side, the colder winter months give us time to make some changes and some camper upgrades. 

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At the end of the season, Jamie and I made 2 lists; one of all the things we needed to do and one with all the stuff we wanted to do. Here is what upgrades we will be doing this winter. 

RV Vent Cover

Vent Cover– during one of our last camping trips Jamie noticed a small hole in the bathroom vent cover. Our plan was to just replace the entire vent and fan but Grand Dad bought us this cover for Christmas. The vent cover will probably still need to be replaced but this cover will allow us to keep the vent open when the weather isn’t too nice out. 

Hole in waterline– this was discovered when we were winterizing the camper and a MUST DO. Hopefully, it won’t be too involved. 

Ikea Junior Bed

Remove couch from bunkhouse– the couch does fold down to a bed but it isn’t ideal for little kids. So we are going to take it out. For now, we will most likely just store a pack n play in the space but plan on adding another bed. Right now we are thinking this one from Ikea

Camper Leveling

Bluetooth Leveling system– with the addition of another kiddo our traveling arrangements have changed a little. We will now be taking two vehicles when we travel. This will also allow for Jamie to leave earlier and get things set up before dark. To make it easier for him I bought him a booth tooth leveling system for Christmas along with these tire levelers

Backsplash in the kitchen– I have wanted to tackle this project for a while but never found a peel and stick title that I really loved until I saw what Big Hearts Tiny Spaces did in their camper. I loved the title pattern she picked and after checking out the Etsy shop where she bought the title from I was determined to do ours. 

Camper TV Upgrade

TV in bunkhouse– the bunkhouse has always had a space for tv and from the beginning, I was NO NO we are NOT putting a TV in that space. Well, I think I have changed my mind. Our camper has become the gathering place for meals and such during our camping trips. The kids love to watch morning cartoons and such on the TV in the main living area. Well, that living area is getting kinda crowded especially when we are trying to cook. So reluctantly I am changing my mind and we are going to add a TV to the bunk room. It will hopefully give us some more space.  (TV LinkWall Mount Link)

Small Projects

The doorknob on bunkhouse door, it broke. 🙁

Add a paper towel holder to the outside kitchen. We need to get that area organized!!!

Add a bottle opener to the outside kitchen so we don’t have to go inside all the time to open a beer. 

Camper Mods

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